Our Project

 Hikayetna ( Stories from Syria) 

The initiative

Hikayetna, meaning ‘our story’ in Arabic, is a new art project that brings people together to talk about the human side of Syrian society. For decades, freedom of expression has been absent from our society, but with our words and our stories we can become united, and feel our humanity, to turn fear into hope.
Hikayetna is a non-political and independent initiative that encourages, develops and aids communities in need while promoting tolerance, love, humanity and cultural values. This initiative is about finding common grounds and interests between people, it neither promotes political agendas nor religious ones. Our aim is to put forward personal stories and life experiences to build a bridge of love and humanity.

What do we do?

• Support Syrian artists, photographers, poets, writers, and cultural bloggers  within and beyond Syria.
• Support local and regional debates about refugees issues.
• Deliver a number of workshops and other activities among communities mainly about cultural and religious differences to ease integration and remove walls between people who need help
• Bring people and communities together to provide cultural exchange.
•Support vulnerable people especially those coming from refugee  camps by providing training.

The mission

– To spread Syrians’ thoughts, words, and feelings, especially Syrians living in refugee camps by telling their stories.

-To break the stereotypical image of Syria and Syrian people     through dialogue, storytelling.

-To build a bridge from one heart to another , in order to deliver our voice to the world.

-To inspire peace through dialogue, awareness and humanity


The vision

All of us share common hopes, fears and feelings We live by dreaming  ,hoping  of a better tomorrow. With  the destruction of the shiny side of Syria,  we are constantly looking for stories of hope which giving  us the optimism. and looking  work together to build our communities.


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