Film Workshop

An exciting new project is holding a workshop for migrants and refugees who are interested in learning more about filmmaking.

Photoma is a new initiative led by Hikayetna that will introduce participants to film theory and provide hands-on cinematography, recording and editing workshops.

Photoma is a series of workshops to motivate the local community into employment by using storytelling for a change. The initiative provides training to help the locals, including refugees and migrants, build technical and entrepreneurial skills that enable them to make a career in digital storytelling. Also, it is to give them a chance to express themselves and share their stories through digital photography.

This project offers participants the freedom to express themselves in new and creative ways. 

The project will focus on creative and artistic photography, where we emphasise design principles, visual language, and storytelling principles. 

The film initiative seeks to support local people of all ages currently living in Ealing. 

 Each day, the workshop meets for in-class sessions for approximately 3 hours, with many presentations, lectures, and videos. 

This project is funded by Freshwater Foundation and will take place on 3,10 and 17 June at the Acton Gardens Community Centre, Unit A, Munster Court, · Bollo Bridge Road, London W3 8UU.

These sessions have added to the list of activities at Hikayetna, such as filmmaking, photography, and cooking workshop. Hikayetna continues to be a community hub, helping people develop skills in whatever they care to take part in.
Hikayetna is a non-profit organisation in the UK that offers a wide range of activities and workshops for locals and continues to develop.


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