The Syria war inspires misery painting

By Norhan

My name is Norhan. I am a college student studying Criminology, Sociology and Religious Education. Painting is one of my passions from a very young age, and I have always had a natural talent for it.

 I always paint in my free time, and currently, I have 12 paintings that took me countless hours to draw. Each of them has a different inspiration. For example, some of my paintings are cultural, and others reflect various emotions, such as happiness and misery. On the other hand, my other artworks represent happiness, such as nature and so on. The Syria war inspires misery painting.

I was nine years old when I saw war with my own eyes; all the deaths and injuries and guns. We left straight away from Syria and went to Istanbul, where we had no money or even ate or drink. We tried to manage and much as we couldn’t, but we couldn’t, so we walked and crossed Cyprus lands.

There were men with guns on trees in Syria where we couldn’t have been alive till this day if we got caught. We made it to Cyprus, but my father wanted us to have a good education and a good life in the future, so he got us passports. It was a long journey to travel and without my father help we couldn’t manage at all.


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