Protect Refugees during the coronavirus pandemic

Refugee Council calling on the government to protect people seeking asylum and refugees at risk due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Here are the key issues that the Refugee Council calling on the Home Office to urgently address.

-The Home Office needs to urgently put in place an alternative mechanism to allow an asylum claim to be registered with minimal need to travel.  We suggest that a person should be able to register their asylum claim by phone, post, or email.

-The Home Office should immediately increase asylum support rates by £20 per week in line with the financial uplift the Government has granted recipients of Universal Credit, to help people seeking asylum manage during the coronavirus pandemic.

-The Home Office must ensure adequate provision of self- contained accommodation to enable social distancing and self-isolation. In addition, the Home Office must immediately ensure the provision of adequate supplies of cleaning products, soap/hand sanitisers  for people housed in Initial Accommodation and hotels.

-The Home Office needs to put in place measures to enable people to access urgent accommodation and support to ensure that no-one faces homelessness during the Covid-19 pandemic



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