Zoomed photography for refugees

The Mayor of Ealing, Dr Councillor Abdullah Gulaid and Rupa Huq MP at the Zoomed exhibition 

Zoomed is a photography digital storytelling project that offers young refugees and migrants the opportunity to transform ideas into stories and learn how to create their own digital storytelling by the provision of the photography training workshop.
Zoomed has organised a digital photography workshop for several weeks and has encouraged refugees and migrants to use the medium of photography to express themselves and share their experiences.

The training workshop gave participants skills of photography and enhance their confidence, integration and contribute to the community
The goal of this project was to provide a platform where refugees and migrants can express themselves and share their stories through digital photography.

The photographer Cinzia D’Ambros who taught the principles and techniques of how to take better photos and visual storytelling said the photojournalism “is a powerful medium. It can foster and leverage positive changes and it can empower people and communities.

She added: “I am pleased for the opportunity to teach this to young people, who will benefit from visual communication, self-expression, and engagement both on a personal and social level”.

The Zoomed was supported by the Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds to run participatory photography training in the Ealing Borough.

Zoomed exhibition in the W3 gallery

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