Syrians tell their stories at BAC

Bringing together people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, Battersea Arts Centre was a space for intercultural learning and sharing stories  .  What  Syrians says about Battersea Arts Centre’s London Stories.

Amir Darwish ( participant)


At Battersea Art Centre every day is different. The variety of audience makes the experience rich with the unexpected. Although the same story told all the time, the different audience who hear it makes the process enjoyable, heartfelt and unique.
Eyad Zinah ( participant)eyadnew

I wanted to get involved because I have been working in schools educating the new generation about Syria and Syrian refugees, and I thought it’s good to tell more people about my story, because some people think it’s very easy for us and we’ve just decided to come to Europe for nothing.
Amjad Al Aswad 

After a long war-torn country, a lot of stories to be told, every Syrian has his own tragedy not similar to any other fellow Syrian. Rather that the different stories and experiences, there are the different reactions feeling, expectation, a mouth to be telling, or even a tear to be shed but not at any occasion. It is also very important for me the listener who is, is he willing to understand me to imagine the horrors we had, would my voice has an echo in this world. Yes I do belive in Batersie Centre and the people who are there in a country like the UK, where people go deep in the words and think emotionally but rationally and any deep real sense leave its impact on them. Battersea Centre thank you so much for the platform you offered for Syrians to express themselves.



    1. Hello Jessica,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We do care about woman and our project is open for any Syrian refugee woman. but sometime It is difficult to find them in London. If you noticed we have many women writers and artists.If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to let us know.
      Best wishes

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