Hikayetna takes part in local art conference

Acton arts forum annual conference 2016 took place at North Acton Pavilion with several projects amongst participants. Speakers included Brian De Lord from Double Helix, Acton AAF Producers Mike McKenzie & Ward Scott & Heman Younes, Jewel Goody from West London Arts Factory, Sulaiman Osman from Hikayetna.
Hikayetna was one of those who took part to share its message with local community. Osman presented at the conference to inform locals about the project’s activities, to raise awareness of Syrian refugees in the UK and spread the message of love and humanity.
Other members highlighted their works with concentration on street art locally, nationally and internationally. The conference ended with film streaming and an opportunity for networking amongst those present. Overall, the experience was unique and prosperous with many exchanges of ideas to move the community forward.


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