I draw for love and hope


By Souad Kokash

Morning came while my soul hugged Damascus, for “art is the common language between sensitive souls”. Hope still here, we still walking the road of love and peace.
I am here in the Netherlands. I have nothing but my art–it’s the only capable tool to delivery my voice worldwide. Colour and sensuality can conquer all hearts. For what comes from heart, goes to heart. The pain and hope inside me, can only express them with colours and art. I desire for God to give me power and inspiration, so I reach all hearts. So my message reaches the globe.

Souad is an interior architect and visual artist.She graduated of the department of interior architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus in 2015. Works in visual art and has several communal exhibitions’ participation in Damascus. She achieved two first grade certificates from Damascus University.
Souad is currently living in the city of Lelystad in Netherlands.

**Editing : Amir Darwish



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