My journey from Al Derbassiya to London


By Lorin Kasso 
On the 25th of June 2014 I left my country, which was the biggest change in my life.
On that day my family and I tried to cross the border between Syria and Turkey to London because my father was waiting us.  We started our terrible journey at noon when the weather was so hot. Another thing happened was that we forgot our water. We walked for about two hours before we got to the border, which was too difficult to cross because the border between these two cities is not like the borders between Europe’s cities and you have to cut the spiky wires to be able to cross.
When we arrived we started looking for an open space to cross it.My family were so tired. Finally, after a long effort my mother found a space where somebody had crosse before. While we were passing the border, I injured my wrist and hand as I tried to help and save my family. The Turkish soldiers were looking at us to but we didn’t know and after that they pointed the gun to our heads. Actually I wasn’t scared of them because at that time I thought I must be strong to help my family.Migrants-walk-towa_3448371bI didn’t know what we could do but we never looked back. I knew we would be killed by something or somebody in Syria. My mother tried to convince them that we had sold everything we had and that my father had died in the war, so they let us enter. They took us to camps, where there were some people from Syria, those who had crossed the border before us. We waited for the next day then my father’s friend came with his wife to take us to their house in Amîd. We spent three days and then we took the bus to Istanbul. Stayed on the way one day and we arrived at Istanbul in the morning. Then we got on the plane which lasted about three and half hours to arrive London on 30th  of June .
My father was waiting for u there and he took us to my uncle’s house in the first week then we went to our new house. The weather was  so cold, people were different, food was terrible and our new house was too small for us.
On 22nd of July 2015 we decided to visit my town Al Derbassiya. We stayed in Turkey for about ten days waiting for the way to open. Finally, a Kurdish man helped us to cross the border. We were so happy to see our homeland and family again. I saw all my friends and met them. I did a lot of enjoyable things. The nice thing was playing cards with my grandfather and of course he was a winner. The weather was perfect, everything was nice.
We left our family, house and homeland again towards London. It was a really difficult and sad moment. We went to Kobani and on the way one of the vehicle’s wheels flew away, it was scary. We caught another car to go there. We arrived at 10pm at my father’s friend’s house. After that, we left their house towards London and it took two days. I study now and my life is getting better and difficult at the same time without our homeland, friends, places and family who were part of my life.
* Lorin Kasso: is a London based student
*Editing : Amir Darwish 
*Al-Darbasiyah is a Syrian town on the Syrian-Turkish border Administratively it is part of the Al-Hasakah Governorate.


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