Smuggler (1)

By Sulaiman Hanif

Oh people , hush. the smuggler who is leading says . the darkness and dense jungle became a source of fear, however more than that the Turkish soldier, the stander the border. Ali who next to smuggler is trying speed up, but the smuggler catches him saying” if you know the road, go by yourself, why you came with me . Abu Samer’s family is trying help the elderly to passing the muddy roads. This winter and clod it would kill us, we wished we did not leave our home, if we died under shilling at least we did not see this misery and we had died honourable inside our home. Am Samer whispers with words to her husband’s mother. And boys are diving and stuck in the mud with every step. Muhammad with a sad face, left his luggages and went to help the children of the family to get rid of the mud restrictions.
The bullet,which shot to sky from the border guards were drawing her destination, flying in the dark. All buckled on his chest in the mud, trying to hide themselves among the herbs.
Rokhier who last one of the group, says in kurdish “ my God what this situation” his long hair muddied and entered into his mouth. Jassim who has long beard and short hair, looks at him unfriendly gaze .
Shooting begins violently, the lights are lit to explore the border. Fatima looks at the clock and whispers to her son, “nine o’clock , do not worry we will see your father soon.F32A5835-52A4-4EAC-80B5-5576530180AE_cx0_cy10_cw0_mw1024_s_n_r1
Four plateaus overlap to form final obstacle access for Abu Saad and his family to Jordan borders. he had to wire dirt roads to move away from the barriers on the route of the temple and avoid the risk of sudden confrontations. Children are crying on their father Saad they want food, and his brother Ghassan busy to push his mother’s wheelchair between all those bushes and stones, Abu Saad, who lives this experience for the second time, his heart is pulsing, fought this ordeal two decades ago when his wife lost her legs while they were crossing Palestine’s borders to Syria,
he was crying with her ,confusing between to carry his children or his wife lay on the ground. he pledged himself to shave his moustache because he did not die in his home between olive tree and now he comes back to live the same experience and leaves the neighbourhood and the house that he built with his hands in camp. Dad where we are now, we walked a lot and we did not arrived yet. .
These words hit ear of Abu Saad as thunderbolt came out from the mouth of Ghassan.
Saad’s name came from the hero of the story of Ghassan Kanafani, “Saad” son “Um Saad,” and he named his son Ghassan that came from author Ghassan’s name . The first son of Saad has named “Darwish” and girl called “Palestine.”

Abu Saad threw his keffiyeh on the ground, sat on it , shouted, “let us die here and build a camp for the dead”. far away they noticed light coming from a car, with the sound of the song by Sarya Sawas. Clock rushed to the tenth and a half and still Issa smuggler’s group, mired in the mud can not get out, because of the guards borders and their lights. Rokheer he the last one in the group hears the prayers of everyone, all pray to the same God,
Issa the smuggler, the only quiet of the group,is watching around him, and in a moment of silence, heard the shots and they ran away without specific destination , and after a few moments they reunited again and they had crossed the border, everyone smiled.
Ali shouted ” Ali imam I was knew I will crossed the borders safely .
Mohammed looked at him a dirty look, going to him and asking with strong voice, ” where are you from” ?Altercation occurred. Issa smuggler returned to the back of the border, Abu Samer and his family went on their way, alone Fatima and her son and the four young people stayed on that hill overlooking the border from behind the border guard camp. Ali screaming and accusing Jassim and Mohammed by spies and destroyed the country. Jassim asserts “we will built in new state and we will Islam will back”. Mohammed screaming, tyranny of Assad and accuses Ali that he as shabha) pro- Assad paramilitary(.Rokhair fed up , as they saying “whoever gets between the onion and its skin will get nothing but its stink” Rokhair So he wants silence them, before turkish soldier noticing them , he came up with an idea, so gathered all his energy and his courage and said “ okay if want this i also want kurdisatn”The three silent and forgotten what was that a while ago. they turned to fight Rokar accusing him of separatism and spy. as they say “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. the important thing, Fatima stopped their fight by screaming calling her son who heads to hill. the four hurried up to recuse him. when they reached to him , they are listening what he says “ are you seeing how is Syrian beautiful, why we left. oh Syria do not worry we go to a journey and will come back .

*Sulaiman Hainf is a Syrian kurdish lives in Kubani ( Ayn  Al-arab)Aleppo- Syria 


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