Nowhere is Home

London 2015

By Manaf Halbouni

A car loaded with personal possessions is turned into a living space – an impossible home for a “modern nomad unable to belong and grow roots”.

London 2015

Nowhere is Home stands as a moving testament to loss, resilience and hope for over 50 million displaced people across the world, who are often forced to hastily pack a few cherished belongings onto a car before escaping war, natural disaster or conflict.When the protests in Syria started in 2011, i had already been living and studying in Germany, and observing from the distance the changes undergoing in the society and in the people i had know since childhood. The first Bomb that fell on Damascus at the start of the civil war meant the end of my dream of going back to Syria after completing my studies and marked the beginning of a search for aplace i could call home. Entwurzelt ( Uprooted) was the first work in wich i removed the wheels of a car and transformed it into a living space for one person, a place i can call my own. The situation changed again with the PEGIDA demonstrations organized since November 2014 whose anti-immigration rhetoric evoked the feeling of estrangement and insecurity. Nowhere isHome is thus a vehicle for living packed with the objects i love and with the capacity to drive away. A modern nomad unable to belong and grow roots.

Manaf Halbouni: A German-Syrian artist


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