Thair’s story (1)

2a-Damas Gate restaurant, Damascus
Damascus Gate

By Thair Orfahli

FIRST Post – Cody Simpson told the story of my journey from #Syria to #Europe through his  feeds as part of #ShareHumanity #UN initiative that celebrated World Humanitarian Day 2015. You can find my story below in 18 posts. Thanks to everyone who really understands what it means to be friends despite everything!! #ShareHumanity

Post 2 – July 2009 – My story begins in Damascus, where I met Sara in 2009. I was 20 and had just finished high school; she was 24 and was doing a summer school on International Politics at the Arab International University organized by her university, the Free University Berlin. We had the best time ever; we were always laughing and looking for the next adventure. We have spent every day together during her program in Syria. She became like a sister to me and we stayed in touch over the years… I can’t believe my country has entered its 5th year of war. My dream is for the conflict to be over and be back soon in Damascus, the city of jasmine, with my family and friends. #ShareHumanity

Post 3 – September 2009 – I started law school in Beirut, Lebanon, and I would be going back and forth between Beirut and Damascus like many other students and workers. It was the easiest and most common commute ever. #ShareHumanity

Post 4 – July 2012 – Syria was filled with tension and fighting. Thousands of people have been killed and injured. Millions have been displaced. Countless homes, hospitals and schools have been damaged or destroyed. It was no longer safe. I had no choice but to leave for good. I am taking a shared car tonight to Lebanon. In 3 hours I will be in Beirut, inch’allah. #ShareHumanity

Post 5 – September 2012 – the situation in Lebanon became so tense and dangerous because of the massive influx of refugees from Syria that my mum encouraged me to move to Egypt in order to complete my studies. #ShareHumanity
Post 6 – May 2013 – I had been Alexandria, Egypt, for 8 months already and had been able to continue my studies in law. I had found a room in a shared apartment with other Syrian refugees. Meanwhile, Sara was working in Egypt. Together with Emad and Johanneke and many others we supported refugee families and communities from different countries through a solidarity organization called Sina Network. #ShareHumanity.

Cody Simpson is an Australian pop singer, songwriter and actor.

Painting: Esam Hamzeh/


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