By Mazen IMG_0832


Jailed in my skin, I almost explode.
   Damn that wall, I hate it, With all its dark circles and squares
, Its algae smell throttles my lungs
 and the light is far 
and the dream is red and fearful.

A Prayer

My God,
 I cannot sleep, The wailing window is hanging me, I am not deaf
, My God your hands are big and your heart is wide, Please look after the besieged people,

Look after the kids,
The women and the elders, 
Look after the youths,
Look after my mother,
 and my neighbourhood
, My friends, my home
, The streets that I knew and those I did not, 
Look after the widows and the orphans,
 Look after the smell of the bread,
 Look after the trembling hands and legs
, Because of the cold and because of the fear,
 Please my God.


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